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A combined pocket size Hyperscope & Psudoscope,
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Hyperscope X3
Hyperscope X3
Hyperscope X3
Pseudoscope X3
Read about how
The Hyperscope
and Pseudoscope Aid Experiments on Three-Dimensional Vision. by Jearl Walker
Scientific American
Phantascope is a company making exciting optical devices for 'Hands On' interactive science exhibitions and art/science research. The two phantascopes, the Hyperscope and The Pseudoscope, make it easy to see things that are hard to see, extending human perception.

The Hyperscope X3. By optically increasing the distance between your eyes, the Hyperscope extends your vision, and remaps space in new, and visually exciting ways. Three dimensional space becomes bigger, while objects seem smaller and more dramatic.You will be able to appreciate the transparent volume of space more than ever before. Complex structures are easier to understand through the Hyperscope, and there is an intriguing change of eye-level, as well as an overall minification effect. This is an Alice “Drink Me” experience.

The Pseudoscope X3. This device switches the visual inputs to the brain,right to left, left to right, turning space inside out. Rotating objects go “the wrong way”, and convex warps into concave. Foreground and background are fundamentally reversed, background becoming a transparency through which you see what used to be the foreground. Shadows and reflections behave strangely, and will conflict with your expectations. This is space on the “Flipside”. Richard L.Gregory writes about the Pseudoscope.

The Cyclopter is a device the superimposes both optical paths.By supressing stereo vision it gives a different reading of space. Richard L.Gregory writes about the Cyclopter.

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"They are absolutely marvelous, the illusions are perfect"
Martin Gardner