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A combined pocket size Hyperscope & Psudoscope,
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Stereo Detection Rate

2½ inches (6.5cm) is considered an average distance for eye separation.

The hyperscope increases the effective eye separation by a factor of 7 to 17” (41.5cm) and therefore the ability to detect differences in depth is enhanced by that proportion.

Two examples:

  1. Imagine viewing an object, which is 33ft (10m) away. With normal viewing, an object 2” (5cm) closer will produce a disparity of about 6.75 seconds of arc, very close to the absolute limit of the visual system's ability to detect disparity. Using the Hyperscope increases this to about 43 seconds of arc, well within the disparity limit.

  2. Alternatively, assume the visual system can just detect a difference in depth when the images of two objects have a disparity of 30 seconds of arc, a rather high.estimate. Then if one object was 33ft (lOm) away under normal viewing conditions the other would have to be about 9” (22cm) nearer or further away in order for its depth to be correctly perceived. The Hyperscope improves the detection rate by about 7 times: the depth of the second object could now be detected even if it were only about 1½” (3.75cm) away from the first, rather than the 9” (22cm) necessary with unaided vision.