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A combined pocket size Hyperscope & Psudoscope,
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Hyperscope X3
The Hyperscope X3
Hyperscope X7

The Hyperscope X7

Vision is complex, but it functions so effortlessly and so automatically that it is taken for granted. Illusions disturb the assumptions created by the smooth operation of the visual system, and reveal how extraordinary it really is.

Stereoscopic depth perception depends on the difference between the images received by the two eyes. The.relative positions of the eyes determine the amount of difference; the further apart the eyes are, the greater the difference between the two images. The more difference there is between the two images, the more successfully the visual system is able to calculate differences in depth. In most cases the ability to detect differences in depth varies proportionally to the eye separation; doubling the separation doubles the sensitivity of the system to differences in depth.