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A combined pocket size Hyperscope & Psudoscope,
and more.

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Other Experimental Devices

PHANTASCOPE is currently experimenting with other devices that may be offered for sale in the coming year. They are:

Cyclopter MK31.The Cyclopter superimposes the two optical paths converting binocular vision to monoscopic vision - click further details.

(Read about the Cyclopter)
(View the Cyclopter Gallery)

Earthcurvature Device2 .The Earthcurvature Device (ECD) replaces horizontal binocular disparities with vertical disparities and is at present in its third and most complex experimental form. It is not as yet envisaged as a standard item, perhaps being considered for specific sites. More details of its development will be posted on this site.

(View the Earthcurve Device Gallery)

Infinite Regress3. The Infinite Regress is a device that creates a very deep tunnel of space with opposing parallel mirrors. The space is made interactive by the use of a steerable blinkproof low power helium neon laser and a diffraction grating making spectacular spatial displays. Perspective was never like this.

(View the Infinite Regress Gallery)