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A combined pocket size Hyperscope & Psudoscope,
and more.

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The Hand-Held Pseudoscope

Hyperscope X3
The Pseudoscope X3
This hand-held Pseudoscope overcomes the limitations of earlier prismatic devices that had:
  1. A limited field of view
  2. Lateral Inversion
  3. A weak pseudoscopic effect
It offers the opportunity for fatigue-free viewing of bizarre and strange spaces, unorthodox structures, odd experiences of movement and extrordinary re-mapping of normal scenes, both inside and outside.

It has an enhancement factor of 3. This means that it increases the normal Inter Pupillary Distance (IPD) from approximately 2½"(65mm) to about three times that value, and therefore extends the detection rate of pseudoscopic stimulii in similar proportion. Although it has a standard photograhic bush (¼") which makes it convenient to mount it on a tripod if desired, being hand held, it is easy to use in any context, lecturing or on a walk to discover what visual material is responsive to a pseudoscope.

This hand-held Pseudoscope is constructed of anodised aluminium and all glass components are protected from accidental damage and should be kept clean.